Tuesday, January 6, 2009


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The next day of progress. It started to make more sense, but I wasn't crazy about the background color.

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yoon see said...

Thanks and you are most welcome.
I sometimes need to confess I have not enough time on balancing issues. I need to practise on my piano and also drawing. If not I will get rusty.....
So, I can't really concentrate on one. I hope I can find more time making art, with all the luxury!

I guess you also have the the same finding. Time passes so fast. We really need to treasure and get full use of it.

I am glad you have the determination to finish it as planned. It's a great positive way to start a new year.
Yeah, a pretty good achievement to be proud of. Just make sure, this pace is consisitent. You have just inspired me Tiffany.
Thanks agaian:)

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