Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still Life With Granny

Still Life With Granny
Originally uploaded by Clearly Ambiguous

BTW, this is the reference photo. It's beautiful! How could I not want to paint it?


Karin said...

truly - it's making my mouth water! Your painting is looking really great, too. It's very cool to see each layer as you work on it. I know the frustrations of materials not cooperating - I'm sure with time and extra layers you'll get the saturation of color your after, and probably will end up liking it even better than if you got the color with less layers. Something about that layering process seems to make everything richer and more alive!

Thanks for your visit, and I highlighted the links in my post to some asemic writing info, in case you didn't see them. They weren't showing up at first.
be well,

yoon see said...

Yeah, beautiful green, this is favourite colour.
Thanks for sharing Tiffany:)

Greetingfriends said...


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