Friday, December 19, 2008

Some new art

Well, I've been busy busy busy since I finished this semester (a 3.5 GPA!!). I've been making lots of little ACEOs to amuse myself and keep my sanity.

"Marie". I used a painting of Marie Antoinette, and illustrated it. This one was lots of fun to make. Pen, ink, markers, watercolor. On watercolor paper.

I made this one today. You can tell I was bored. What can I say?! I was snowed in...

This is "The Empress". It's part of my tarot series. This is the first card of the major Arcana that I've done. I hope to do my own set, but I can't imagine how long that would take.

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Karin said...

Hi Tiffany, thanks for your visit to my blog and comment!
I wonder what might happen to your art if you got snowed in for a week...!! I really like your tarot ACEO - i have thought about doing my own deck and get overwhelmed as well. But it's not like we have a dead line on it right?! One card at a time :)
Nice to 'meet' you,

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