Monday, December 29, 2008

10 Things To-Do in 2009

1.)Create more artwork. It doesn't have to be for sale, but in order to improve I MUST WORK.

2.)Turn a profit from my jewelry business and art business.

3.)Learn more about "the biz."

4.)Learn to be more patient and LESS judgemental.

5.)Set more realistic goals for myself.

6.)Become better at time management.

7.)Take better care of myself, and remember to take my meds.

8.)Shut down the computer, and work instead of looking at other peoples' work.

9.)Accept the fact that my Blackberry can NOT do everything for me...Even though it does ALOT.

10.)Network and market my businesses BETTER: Reach my target market.

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Yasmin said...

Happy New Year! I love your 10 things to-do in 2009 and many are also on my list. I'd like to comment on each item 1 by 1 if you don't mind : )
1) Amen Sister. Great way to start
2) Believe it & you will achieve it
3) Ditto that
4) Judgemental is more fun than patient. Rethink this one.
5) Sky is the limit!
6) Wish I had some advice but I'm surfing your fabulous blog when I should be getting dressed for a party
7) Yes and yes. First you, then you can conquer the world.
8) Shut down the computer? Are you out of your frickin mind???
9) Ok now you lost me. That is just crazy talk. Put down the vodka girl.
10) Nail meet head. You can and will do it.

Much success to you in 2009. You are so talented and that little girl of yours is cute as a freakin button.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work : )


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