Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Past Few Months

I've been crazy busy for the past few months, but with my wedding done, and my finals completed (as of yesterday), I can finally do what I want to do.

Back in August I decided that I wanted to finish my fine arts degree. I was really excited about it, but now I see why I got so discouraged the first time around: the teachers. What is it about teaching art that makes these teachers such jerks? My Life Drawing professor was constantly tearing me down this past semester, and I still don't understand why. He even selected some of my work to hang in the school's gallery. Why did he pick on me so much? I understand that I am but a lowly mortal, and he is an art god (scoff). Anyway, I have the same teacher for Painting 2, and I'm not happy about. This time, I will make war with him.

About a month ago I started creating polymer clay jewelry, and it's a lot of fun! Pictures coming soon!

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