Monday, December 22, 2008

Back to the drawing board...err, pad

I stayed up really late last night trying to come up with ideas for my artwork, and what to do with said art. How I could/would sell it, blah, blah blah. I want to be able to make prints and greeting cards. Maybe stationary sets...But it all seems so expensive. It takes money to make money. I would have to invest even MORE money into my business, and then wait to turn a profit. I still haven't made a profit from my jewelry business!! How could I start making art prints? How do people afford this stuff without going into debt?


Ok, I'm back. This is the ATC/ACEO that I came up with. I'm neutral about it.

So, then I worked 8 hours at that hell hole that I call a job. Now I am completely exhausted and tapped of all creative juices. But I did get one of my orders shipped out. Yay. Now, I just have one other package to deliver.

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PK said...

Aloha Pretty Lady,...Wow! I know just what you mean. I have my work with Fuji Imaging co. (search under Mellony Soares) it's a nice place for me to show, but no sales. I'm planning on making my own prints with my hp photo printer and investing in really good paper. I sell my originals as well, but what I've realized is that coming up with new creative ways to create your prints on other mediums is the way to go. Have you tried making prints of your work on printable canvas and than making handbags or book bags. It's just an idea, but some times interested buyers will buy items of art on more practical wearable itmes. I find art to most people is a luxury, at least where I live. Most of my large work has gone to the east cost. Any ways I added your blog to my blog list, keep me posted to your going ons. Nice work by the way. And most of all don't let the hum drum get you down. You are a master artist, you decide your destiny. lol

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