Monday, November 23, 2009

Artist on the rise

Since my daughter was really young I've been encouraging her to make art.  I noticed really early on that she liked to draw; she was constantly watching me make art, and drawing in my sketchbooks.  Over the past year and a half I've bought her tons of her own art supplies, and watched her skills flourish.  I like the art that she makes.  It's interesting in ways that an adult mind can't always understand.  It's fresh, energetic, and not weighted down with the worldly bull- that we adult artists create.

I've also created an interest in her for photography.  She really likes the idea of photography.  Even film!  So, for a whole day I let her use a 35mm point and shoot camera.  She really enjoyed the experience, and still carries the camera around to take pictures.

She thinks taking pictures of mommy is really funny.

If there's one thing that my daughter has taught me it's that you have to find a different way of seeing the world.  In order to excel in art and photography you have to find the right angle.

I recently bought some Shiva Oil Sticks, and she had a ton of fun with those.  She likes playing with my pastels/oil pastels.  So, we both made a picture using the oil sticks.  She did most of the work.  I just drew in the sky and the clouds/monster.  Mayoree really enjoyed it. 

Now this picture is up on her wall.  It makes her happy, and proud to see her art up on the wall.  The same way I feel when I look at my art!  I've promised myself that I will make an aritsts out of this one.


eva said...

Awww she's so cute! And I don't even particularly like babies, so she must be super extra cute;) I love the idea of giving the child a camera as it's so interesting to see the world through the eye of a child, I hope you'll post more of her photos! + kudos for encouraging creative growth, she's lucky to have a mother who knows what it's worth.

Tiffany said...

LOL! Yeah, she's the only baby that I like;) She really digs photography, and art in general. Santa bought her tons of art supplies. Plus, she got a digital camera! She's happy with it. My goal is to encourage all young people to be creative types. Creativity is the root of innovation. Or that's what I keep telling myself. LOL

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