Monday, November 9, 2009

Roll Out

Describing the new work is a little difficult...I admittedly create my art based soley on my emotions.  My new art is a reflection of that.  I've just been feeling like recycled poo.  Not to say that I think my art looks the same, but I wanted to create things that reflected these emotions.  Very moody, and contemplative.

I really felt compelled to create something with a sense of immediacy.  This is how I feel now: hurry up, go, go GO!  I think the art expresses that.  These are all up in my etsy shop, and priced to move.

In the coming days there will be a huge roll out of art that is VERY affordable price, and ready to go.  I'm on a creating spree, and I want this stuff to find good homes.


Maria-Thérèse said...

You create powerful work! I like the second one especially.

PussDaddy said...

I do like the second one down


yoon see said...

Wow! Your mixed media artworks are incredible Tiffany.
I love how you have progressed so much.
You are one of my favourite fine art artist.
Keep it up and shine along the way you go.
I see there is a fan club there.
Let me check it out when I am less busy.
Happy creating!

Tiffany said...

Maria-Therese & Puss Daddy- Thank you very much. I think that one is my favorite from that set too. Weird, huh?

Yoon See- Hey, thanks for dropping by! Thank you for your compliments! I've been working really hard the past year, and I think that it's starting to pay off. I really appreciate your comments. The crazy thing is that I love your artwork just as much! I love your new work!

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