Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just some interesting sights from the past couple of days.

It's been so cold here.  When it gets to 30 degrees Farenheit I call it 'warm'.  This is the frost that was waiting for me when I got off work one night.

Sweet potato french fries.  Absolutely delicious, and more nutritious than white potato french fries.  See my recent tweets if you want to know how to cook them:-)

Mayoree's panda.  My mom bought it for her at the National Zoo.  They had a lot of fun this past summer.  I found this last night laying on the floor.  I got my Argus Seventy-Five in the mail, and was trying it out.  It's too much fun.

An oldish shot...From Christmas Day.  All these birds were on my grandmother's back lawn.  I think they were looking for worms...

Carrying a camera is good.  I just wish my DSLR wasn't so HUGE, and clunky.  Can't someone make a compact DSLR that doesn't cost a king's ransom?

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