Saturday, December 26, 2009

My new hobby

For the past couple of months I've been experimenting with printmaking.  It's really fun and relaxing for me.  It's a nice change from what I usually do. 

Lino has turned out to be more fun than what I bargained for.  My goal is to eventually buy some wood carving tools so that I can make woodcuts.  I'm going to have to save up for that:-(

I also decided to close up my jewelry shop today.  It's turned out to be more work than what it's worth.  I've only had a few sales this year (in both shops), and they're really just cash cows.  Goodbye etsy!  I'll be closing the art shop before the 1st of January as well.  I may post my stuff in my 1000 Markets shop, but I don't even think I should bother.  I have a lot to think about.

I am glad about one thing though.  My mom visited my house, and found a bunch of my art that she liked.  I'm just going to give the stuff to her.  One of the paintings that she liked is a new one.  I wasn't even so sure I liked it.  I'm glad it will find a good home.  I at least have one fan for life:-)  Thank god for moms!


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